Since I was a child bhakti yoga and hindu spirituality has been very present in my life. With a background of ballet and contemporary dance, awareness of the body is also something I have been practicing for a while. About 6 years ago I really found yoga, and instantly felt it was something that came extremely naturally to me: the combination of spiritual and physical practices, that can really heal and make you feel amazing, naturally. I did my 200h yoga teacher training in 2011 in Kerala, India in traditional sivananda hatha yoga. Around a year ago I finished my h 500 h training in ashtanga vinyasa and yoga therapy. I have taught in India, Japan, Italy and now in Germany. I find it important to balance between the energizing, heating practice and the grounding, slow practice, so I love the teach classes from very slow and mindful yin, to a very physical practice of vinyasa flow. My classes are a combination of what I have learned in training and what intuitively comes to me. Yoga has helped me a lot already in life and my wish is to share this amazing practice with others.